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From the house of TATA, Voltas water coolers are the best in the business. Voltas is one of the top most brands for refrigeration products. Voltas is known mainly for its air conditioning and engineering products and services. But they are definitely the pioneers for refrigeration products like water coolers and water dispensers.

The voltas water cooler is used for commercial as well as institutional purpose. We are Mumbai refrigeration deal in all refrigeration products of Voltas like Voltas water cooler, voltas water dispenser, deep freezer, visi cooler and others. The product giving us most business is the Voltas water cooler because of its brand equity in the market as well as the demand for the product.

Like air conditioners and other such products of Voltas, there are various benefits inherent with buying a Voltas water cooler.

  • Energy efficient compressor – The Voltas water cooler comes equipped with a compressor which consumes less electricity but at the same time gives excellent cooling and brings down the temperature of water much faster.
  • Compact design – Voltas water coolers are compact in design having more height than weight, which allows them to fit in small spaces too.
  • Keeps water cool for long – The in situ puf insulation method of Voltas water cooler ensures that the water cooler maintains the water temperature in case of loss of power. Due to its capacity to hold temperature, this puf insulation ensures that energy consumption is not high.
  • Adjustable legs – Voltas pays attention to even most minute details. Thus if the surface where water cooler has to be kept is uneven, than the Voltas water coolers also come with adjustable legs so that the height can be adjusted to make the water cooler stand erect without need of external support.
  • Stainless steel make – The tank, trough and faucets are all pure stainless steel which makes them safe for drinking water for years and years.
  • The promise of Voltas – Voltas being one of the top most brands in India, commits that you will receive the best service for Voltas water coolers and any other Voltas product.

Mumbai refrigeration is authorised dealer for all products of Voltas including Voltas water cooler and Voltas water dispensers. Please contact us by phone or email or you can use the contact form below to let us know about your enquiry.

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