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The 20 liter Voltas water cooler is a water cooler which will suit 40 people at a time. This water cooler, also known as the model FSS 20 20, has 20 liters of cooling and 20 liters of storage. This water cooler is present in two body types. Complete stainless steel and partial stainless steel. The complete stainless steel model is FSS 20 20 and partial stainless steel model is PSS 20 20.

Another model in the 20 liter Voltas water cooler range is the FSS 20 40 or PSS 20 40 model. This model has the same cooling capacity as FSS 20 20 but the difference is in the storage capacity. The FSS 20 40 has 40 liters of storage capacity and 20 liters of cooling capacity. The cooling capacity of both the models is the same. The only difference is in storage capacity.

You can order both 20 liter Voltas water cooler in Partial stainless steel or fully stainless steel. The partial stainless steel model is a but cheaper than complete stainless steel. The 20 liter voltas water cooler has 1 single faucet. The refrigerant is R134 which is an eco friendly refrigerant. The cooling capacity of the water is 20 liters per hour and storage capacity is 40 liters.

If you have requirement of a 20 liter Voltas water cooler model FSS 20 20 or PSS 20 20 than please feel free to contact us via tha contact form given. You can also call us email us at the given ID. In either case, we will get back to you as soon as possible with our most competitive rates for 20 liter Voltas water cooler.

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