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Voltas water cooler cost is decided keeping in mind key corporate and our key customers. Voltas manufactures the best water coolers in the industry and the brand name of Voltas is known far and wide. Even with its very well known brand name, Voltas wants that their customers get their product at the best price. Thus the water cooler cost is kept at a minimum keeping in mind the end customer.

The Voltas water cooler cost varies based on the cooling capacity of water cooler. Thus the 20 liter water cooler is priced around 18000 rs whereas the 150 liters water cooler is priced around 47000 (As on 22 february 2014). Off course, many of our customers want the brand Voltas with them and they are ready to pay a premium for the same.

If you want to know voltas water cooler cost than please contact us with the contact form below. Alternatively you can call us on the number given which will be a preferred option. Finally, you can also email us at mumbairefrigeration@gmail.com to get the final quotation for voltas water cooler cost.

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Technical specifications FSS PSS 2

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