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Voltas Cooler

Voltas cooler comes in a variety of cooling and storage capacities. Voltas cooler may be found in cooling capacity as low as 20 liters and may go up to cooling capacities of 150 liters. Similarly the storage capacity also increases as per voltas cooler models.

The Voltas cooler is made up of complete stainless steel. Alternatively, there is also an option given to our customers for the partial stainless steel voltas coolers. It is upto the customer which type of water cooler they want. The cost of partial stainless steel voltas cooler is slightly lesser than the complete stainless steel one. However, the performance of both coolers is same.

Voltas cooler from 20 liters to 40 liters have a single faucet or tap. But coolers upwards of 40 liter storage capacity have 2 faucets. The advantage of voltas cooler is that all the machines have R-134 refrigerant thereby providing you with machines which are eco friendly. The price of voltas coolers is also very reasonable which makes the coolers affordable to our customers.

Voltas coolers are preferable over water dispensers considering that coolers don’t need to be refilled again and again with mineral water bottles. Also, the cost of mineral water bottles nowadays is quite high. Whereas a voltas cooler is a one time cost. Thus, in this context, voltas coolers are cheaper than water dispensers considering the bottle cost.

Please contact us for your requirement of Voltas cooler with the phone number given on the site. Alternatively you can also contact us by Email or fill the contact form below to get in touch with us. We will provide you with our most competitive offer. Looking forward to hear from you.

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