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Tushar Water Cooler

The Voltas water coolers are also known as Voltas Tushar water coolers. These water coolers are made up of complete stainless steel but are also present with option of Partial stainless steel. In fact, due to budget constraints several of our customers prefer the Partial stainless steel Voltas Tushar water cooler.

The Voltas Tushar water coolers are our premium range of water coolers from the house of Tata. These water coolers give cold water even during the peak of summers. The performance of Voltas tushar water coolers, like their air conditioners, is known to be the best in the industry. Voltas has a history of manufacturing the best products in the market. Thus you can trust the voltas tushar water coolers completely.

The Voltas tushar water coolers can be chosen based on the number of people you have on site. If you have 100 people, than a 40 liter water cooler is sufficient. If you have 50 people, than a 20 liter water cooler should be used. You can call us on the given mobile number or Email us so that we can suggest the right size of water cooler to be used at your premises.

The price of the voltas tushar water coolers is very attractive as compared the number of qualities which you can obtain from this cooler. Some Salient features of the Voltas Tushar water cooler is as follows.

  • Eco friendly refrigerant
  • Compact design
  • Keeps water cool for long
  • Stainless steel and partial stainless steel option
  • The promise of Tata and Voltas

Please feel free to call us or email us for your requirement of Voltas Tushar water cooler. You can also use the below enquiry form to send us your enquiry so that we may send you the quotation or call you in return. Looking forward to hear from you.

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Technical specifications of Voltas Tushar water cooler.

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