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Voltas water coolers are one of the most premium water coolers in the business. Although they are premium, voltas water cooler price is very reasonable. Many of our customers are satisfied because of the price of voltas water coolers. Our goal is to give the best machine at the best price to our customers.

The price of water cooler depends on the capacity and type of voltas water cooler that you choose. There are two variants of voltas water cooler. One is the partial stainless steel water cooler and other is the complete stainless steel. In the case of partial stainless steel, the price of Voltas water cooler will be lesser. However in case of fully stainless steel water coolers also known as Tushar water cooler, the price will be a bit higher as fully stainless steel Voltas water coolers have food grade stainless steel in the tank as well as on the outside thereby increasing the cost of Voltas water cooler.

Voltas water cooler are specified based on their capacities. These water coolers start from 20 liters cooling and go upto 150 liters of cooling. All of these water coolers also come in the PSS variant. The price of voltas water coolers is based on the capacity of the water cooler. We have attached voltas water cooler price list along with this article below. These prices are as on 09.12.2013 which is the date the article is written. For updated prices of Voltas water cooler, please feel free to call us or email us for the same.

The reason that voltas water cooler price is most attractive is because this water cooler comes with a space saving design and hence uses very less space, it uses only Eco friendly refrigerant in water coolers and the water coolers have stainless steel tanks and faucets. Along with giving such features in the water cooler, the price of Voltas water coolers is very reasonable.

Mumbai refrigeration is authorised dealer for Voltas water coolers and Voltas water dispensers. We can provide you the best rates for Voltas water coolers. Please feel free to use the form below to contact us by email or you can call us on the given number so that we can help you with Voltas water cooler price.

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